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6 cubes are still rotating. Your task is to prevent them each to combine 1 image from all 6 pieces.
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There's a restaurant that has not enough customers because there are a lot of monster gals working out there? Well, that certainly will not stop Pigglet from visiting it! Especially if there's a chance to receive a free meal!! But as all of us know nothing is really awarded for free-for-all so Pigglet will have to make his way through a lot of challenges like not talking or solving a mysteries but fighting - everything to have a damsel's heart to be able to acquire some amazing food out of her. Interesting and pretty varios arcade game with a great deal of elements and odd pixelart based graphic style makes it even closer to these uncommon dishes - you don't have to like it you undoubtedly have to taste it before telling"no more". And in the event that you're going to enjoy it then check our website to several other of Pigglet's adventures!
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