Occupational Hazards Episode 1

Are you ready to turn into sexy looking wooly nymph and dip into teh deepest regions of space? Then you alreay wish to play this game! Ofcourse our girl won't be some adventurer (well, might be a tiny bit) but you understand these thinsg generally happen - a simple transportation job might turn into full-scale intergalactic war and attract lost of dangers as wel as lots of opportunities... and ofcourse you need to evade the first ones rather than to miss the very last ones if you're planning to not only to do the jobe but also to receive a proper prize for it. And regardless of what sort of reward this is going to be... A great deal of fun and erotic scripts that will take you into a major space escapade where you will meet various characters and also do a great deal of things with them - isn't that what games are even exist for?

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