Street Life

What do you know about street life? Perhaps you have tried to locate some currency for food and not get robbed at a dark street? This interactive flash game will give you a chance. So that the tramp walks down the road. He wants to attend a bar for a beer and observe a striptease. But the stranger won't be let by the guard. You will need a ticket, but no cash. A tramp enters a negative road and finds a few gangster is trying to rob a youthfull girl. The tramp knows how to battle. He chooses a lump of reinforcement and strikes the robber in the mind. The girl is saved. And the tramp got 50 bucks along with a pistol. Now you can go to the club for a drink and unwind. In this club, a tramp meets a busty bartender who encourages him to spend an evening of passionate fuckfest together. . Let's embark the game and find out what happened next.

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