Rasiya: The Awakening [XXX Complete MiniGame]

This really can be a story about a demon whose name is Rasia, So the game starts in a petite village. A beautiful and young nymph Siraya returns home and finds there was someone in the house. The shelves have been violated, items are lounging on the floor and huge fuckholes appeared. And her mummy disappeared. What to do. The doll finds a note on the table. It turns out that she must move to a tour to find a mummy. The lady goes to the cellar to discover a weapon. His yin and nymph blubbering. She prays the god of war for help and he also helps. A torso with glistening armor emerges. The lady puts it on himself and becomes a half man half-demon. Now the game begins... help the doll find your mother's kidnappers and kill the enemies.

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Demon in the City

This lovemaking game tells the story of a immense monster that lives in the sewers of a neighborhood city... You're a green monster with big tentacles. Your main purpose in this flash game is to discover the females and rape . To perform this you must stir around the city sewers. Use the arrow buttons to budge the monster inwards a puny town. Tired of female police officers they will be able to kill you in the first shot. Carefully examine the map of town and build a path to be able to avoid unnecessary meetings. As briefly as you locate that a powerless chick, strike her. Tear off her clothes and watch her nude body. And we'll fucking fuck her together with your tentacles in a twat and donk, until the nymph gets satisfaction. Fuck that the regional chicks to make offspring and take over the world. If you prefer to witness tentacles fucking chicks you should embark playing right now.

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