1HG: Youth Ward

This game is for everyone who thinks that waking up in a petite room without any furniture or windows and only door is not scary. And by the way this room os one of the many rooms of local psychiatric health center where our main hero Andrew hasended up. Still not feeling discomfort? Then most likely you are the player which may finally help Andrew to escape this area... or to cope with some of his troubles. Because it happenedthat in his first-ever day here Andrew meets the sweetest damsel he'd ever seen in his life! So today only getting from this is not an alternative that is only or may not even an option in any way. Simply let's not spoil anymore of this story for everyone who'll dare to play this game and find all of the answers by himself. Have joy!

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1HG: A Schoolboy Crush

If you happened to be one of those guys who pays attention to the storylines in hentai games subsequently be sure that you are playing this game after finishing two former ones. Yeasthis is a thrid game and it concludes the whole story. If you got interested then the right sequence of games in the series is this"Hot Summer Nights", then"A Schoolgirl Fantasy" and eventually"A Schoolboy Crush". As for teh gaemplay it is still exactly the same. You take manage over a number of those figures (now it'll be a stud ) and also explore the school attempting to discover some arousing adventures. Ofcourse our main hero would like to stir romantic relationship with all female that he enjoys (who also had been a major heroine in one of preceding games) to a fresh degree... or to have some romantic relationship in any respect. And that is something.

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