flight attendant

Sexy Flight Attendant

This story happened aboard a plane that flies from Chicago to Oklahoma. Business Class. The protagonist of this game clicks onto the call button of the stewardess. A big-chested and beautiful stewardess shows up. Dude wonders if she likes his new tattoos!? Dude claims that he made a tattoo and gives they to be looked at by the stewardess. The gal is outraged by this behaviour, but that is a business course and she must do her job. Therefore the interactive part of the game begins. Use your mouse to get the stewardess for big jugs and a round butt. Then start undressing the damsel. Following a duo of mins, she was fully nude. The stewardess begins to suck a dinky and admire tattoos. The dude starts to fuck the nymph in her round culo. . Would you need to understand what's going to happen next? Let's begin the game right now.

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