Fappy Bat v1

Fappy or flappy? Truly for this game will get the job done! The story commences with perverted Eggman finally makes his evil plan real - he captures Topaz! And it is all up to you to save . So waste no time by beating your wings make manuevors and start the chaze and run away enemies and their attacks, obstacles and other dangers but don't leave behind to collect little tentacles every time you will get a chance. Gameplay adjusting with adding teh elevation when ever it's needed and is based on flappy mechanics that usually means you will need to count the trjectory of the flight forward. For more controls and choices don't leave behind to check the in-game menu. Overall there will be three levels in this version of the game and once you will defeat the chief you will also unlock the gallery as reward.

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Sugary Hentai Gallery

This game is madebut you will do it in few different modes with a chance of unlocking one or another achievement depending on your actions. And of the pictures you may see will be anime porn themed - that's for sure! There'll be three groupos of anime porn galleries - you with sort of old-school anime porn that the othe rone will be about super-cute beauties getting fucked by tentacled creatures and the 3rd portion of these pictures are going to be around yuri (lezzies from manga porn). Simply select the category that you prefer and enjoy. Besides the achievements you can also meet some easter eggs but the main aim is still stays the same - to love a lot of manga porn images in 1 spot!

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