Erotic Visual Novel: Stranded(Gay, M/M, bara)

It's insufficient to enjoy visual novels to perform"Stranded" since here you will find not only story and characters, but also homosexual fuck-fest. But if you doesn't mind about such things at all then you can try it - we get games in scienece fiction genre. Hence the narrative will be after the misadventures of Michael Bester who happened to be last survivor on a planet light years away from Earth. Till the previous day something extrodinary has happened and when hethought his lifetime will be goingt obecome a existence - ! And according to the principles of this genre this meeting could switch their lives forever... or most likely finish them earlier than they thought! But this is something you will need to find yourself out.

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GD: Perfect Negotiations

The major character of the game you're going to play is Peter. He's operating at one of the largest packaging production firms as the head manager. And according to his duties he has to fix the problem with earnings procedure that lately ha sbeen moving south. And ho whe is supposed to do that? By perfoming all types of negotiations with the crucial men on a really higher degree ofcourse! And seems like this is something that Peter has no issues with - he is about to please his customer in any way even if he is also a man! The game has a subtitle as"Gay Dreams" not for that which you know... so now you have been warned it's up to you to determine are willing to play with this game or not. If not then visit our site at which you can get a good deal of additional anime porn oriented games in different genres.

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