legend of lust

Maria – from nun to slut

Maria - sexy nun from additional (and thicker and more sophisticated ) game"The Legend of Lust" - turned out to be silent in demand to receive her own spin-off minigame! And you don't even need to play the original project to enjoy time you'll invest with this slutty chick who got a crazy idea of becoming a nun in her pretty little head... This game is just one interactive scene about the night when Maria was visited by some hellish creature. In no time time this monster entices her, then rips her off clothes and turns her to his own personal bitch. There will be some dialogs but there is no need to choose lines since they ar egoing to be linear... but what you might need to select is how precisely Maria will assist the creature to please his sexual eagerness tonight. And if you have enjoye dthis experience then you really should check the original project now!

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In case you still have not determined is it worth to play large hentai game"The Legend of Lust" or maybe probably this puny game stinks demo version will help with creating the dcision. But you can play it is a stand alone game if all you need is that a buxomy plonde priestess performing all sort sof filthy rituals with her loyal servants. You can ensue the narrative which is exhibited thru pictures and dialogs or you're able to remain on some fucky-fucky scene for so long as you desire. You can choose one of many sensual deeds you desire this slutty priestess to perform while you'll be choosing the camera angle that will enable you to see all the information. Just do not forget to attempt to locate busy spots on the display besides only choosing sexual deeds from the list (and here is a hint for you - most of the times it'll function as her bra-stuffers and honeypot ).

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