Xmas Pay Rise

Elf Sparky Functions for the Santa Claus' toy factory at the North Pole. However, this time the tiny elf came into Mrs. Claus - Santa's spouse - just before Christmas, to request a salary increase. Sparky does not want to workso much for this small charge, and he's about to resign if Santa's lovely wife with huge hot boobs won't gives him a rise. Regrettably, the beauty is not likely to increase salaries to his or her workers, however she offers to pay for his job in a different manner... Now, you're given a opportunity to fuck Mrs. Claus in every way imaginable! The sexy babe will shake her enormous juicy boobs in distinct ways to excite the elf. He then waits for a stunning titfuck, subsequently hot girl leaves him a handjob, blowjob and deepthroat, at the conclusion of that he is going to be able to cum inside her mouth! However, this is not the end! The massive elf's dick is still tough, so time to penetrate this tiny girl with thisthick cock inside her sweet pussy! After such an unforgettable sexual activity, Mrs.Claus will definitely agree to raise Sparky's wages! Slide your mouse across the display and clickthe appropriate buttons during intercourse scenes to fill the enjoyment scale. Enjoy enjoyable drawing, Christmas music along with many different sex scenes!

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