naruto uzumaki

Sakura sex doggystyle

After the events together with Sasuke that most of us have seen in first manga and anime series Sakura really needs to unwind and in order to do that she ultimately lets Naruto to fuck her from behind ( looks like doggy style is her very favorite)... however succesfull they both will become depends on you! Within this manga porn parody aka minigame you are likely to flash your skills at hitting the corresponding buttons at time and by that you will attract both Naruto and Sakura to so much desirable orgasms... or you will destroy everyhting once and for all when you will happen to fail to often! (but fortunately enough that you could always restart the game so don't be concerned about that too far). More anime porn games and animations about Naruto, Sakura and many of thier friends you can always find on our website.

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