Personal Trainings

In this game you are likely to become a gymnastic coach for young talented ladies who ready to work hard to get a win. You have trained future champions for several years now and your stardom now runs in front of you. For example one of your old friends want you to work with her daughter this year... and even however that girl requires a whole lot of working she's something in her that will make your training a pleasure for both of you - she's prepared to do anything to get better... plus it involves with fuck-fest with her trainer! Well, cash is not the sole thing which could be quite a reward for a well done job so... New game out of"Fuck Town" series that will allow you to tempt sexy gymnast lady and work on her own skills in quite weird manners that possible only within this type of games!

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Foxy Box – Water Match

Pool side grudge match is about to happen... and seems like you don't need to miss an event like that - so waste no more time and play this game! It take some time to load the game though - there will be 3D hotties with quite lots of animation after all! First you might have to prepare your dame ahead of the game. There won't be much options at first-ever but if you keep winnning exhibitions and earning some coins you will have the ability to unlock various features, secret combinations along with other items. Throughout the game you'll need to activate decent moves and skills at the decent time - it make take time to grasp this game. But even in case you liberate you won't be a looser - just how do you loose into a game in which chicks are using motions like"catch the cherry" and"sucker smooch"?

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