Booty Call Ep. 19 – Mardi gras part 1

Jake finds the call once more and onlyas you he know sthat thsi call simply can not stay unanswered - since it is Booty Call! Byt the way it is alread 19th vignette of Jake adventures and it's known as"Mardi Gras part 1". Ofcourse there will be a part two sometime or might be it's already been released - do not leave behind to check our site to get it! Inside this gig Jake and his acquaintance Calvin are likely to go to Mardi Gras festivale because where else could they go to satisfy their sexual thirst for buxomy women? The response"to stripclub" isn't accepting - they already been there a lot of instances (and you even might remeber a few of those visits out of teh preceding games). The gameplay here is exactly the exact same as it had been in former games of this show - you create decision at particular moments that will explain the entire story and the way it will end. It's possible to have a bad ending (without Jake gettin laid) so listen!

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