Merchan Tale

In this game you need to aid the local construct a diminutive plantation and make money. First you are going to have to plant seeds. Subsequently them. When the crops come they can be sold by you. But be careful and save money. It is also possible to go to the blacksmith. A big-boobed orc woman works there. She likes youthfull guys. However, to fuck her you've got to earn her trust. Find out what she needs and accomplish the actions. Then you have a chance to fuck the orc in the caboose. You can go to the beach to meet residents of farms. With your help, your farm should be the best, and you the richest retailer. You will have other opportunities. Start playing.

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This gorgeous flash game will display you life in Ancient Russia. When there were warriors, princes and attractive nymphs, and of course dragons. And there were also wicked and cunning moneylenders who wanted to become a royal kin. Thus, the king of Kiev has a daughter-in-law. Her title is"Zabava" However, the king lost half of the realm to usurer Kolyvan. And now he would like to wed Fun. Kolyvan brought her house and began to tear off her clothing to get orgy. Consider what a figure and the king's daughter-in-law. Definitely a beauty each night you want to fuck. So to find out the continuation of the story you should embark playing.

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