Cool condoms

This is fairly elementary game which is more like a test - a test on how well do you know sexual positions! Once you will click on the start button the game will begin till the time limit will soon run out and it will last. You will need to have as many things as possible before it is going to happen. The task is to find a complementary counterpart's pose from the list that you will notice on the main screen. Each correct reaction will bring you some points while answer will reduce the score. Be cautious with details because even when it seems that you have found position it still can varry from the correct answer. It might sound tricky but once you will attempt few rounds you may learn how to play it... but are you in a position to acquire this game? Let's find out!

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Your Sexuality

Within this interesting game you will be provided the opportunity to pass an interesting test. It will help ascertain your sexuality. You will need to answer a few questions. If you want the evaluation results to be right, answer frankly. At the conclusion of the evaluation, you will realize the outcomes and be able to understand you are to girls. Each query will be accompanied by a picture with beautiful and huge-boobed anime porn ladies. Enjoy their edible hooters though you answer the question. At the close of the game you'll be given a bonus. To find out which sort of bonus you have to go through the game to the end. Start playing right now and find out how sexy you are.

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